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Whole Kabuli Chickpeas Large - 500g

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Chickpeas are a winter pulse crop and grown across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Most people would traditionally think of Indian or Middle Eastern food when thinking of chickpeas. Indian and Middle Eastern cultures have used chickpeas for centuries as an important protein source in curries, baking and popular street food. Hummus, flat breads

There are an array of uses of chickpeas including using whole in salads and curries, splits in soups and flour in baking cakes and biscuits, batter and flatbreads just to name a few.

Chickpeas bring a nutty flavour into recipes. For this reason, it’s a great alternative for nuts for those who have an allergy.

There are two different types of chickpea flour. Besan Flour that is made from the smaller chickpea such as a Desi variety and Chickpea Flour is made from the larger size chickpea typically the Kabuli variety that is used in salads and curries.